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ESE 24


Back by popular demand, the Sustainability Spotlight feature area provided useful, informative and actionable advice for speciality printers looking to make their businesses more sustainable.

This speciality feature brought to you in partnership with our Gold Partner Reboard and Supporting Partner Carbon Quota aims to help support the print community on your journey to a greener future. FESPA and our partners developed a specially designed information and educational hub, where visitors can DISCOVER, LEARN and NETWORK what the possibilities are.

Building a successful and profitable business is a key focus for any print organisation. The ability to remain sustainable is achieved by understanding your operation and knowing the opportunities and risks that need to be addressed both now and in the future. Every print buyer has many options, markets keep evolving and its essential to produce products that meet customer’s expectations.

Carbon Quota


Explore our information trail alongside the carefully curated physical showcase of innovative materials for graphic and textile applications and their sustainability characteristics.


FREE content videos are available, the topics are broad and include ideas to reduce costs by optimising energy and resources. Our guest contributors will present short insights into what’s going to affect printers and how to avoid greenwashing, the need for clarity on what brand’s expectations are in light of and increased focus on decarbonization and supply chain transparency.

Topics covered include:

Energy reduction addressing the opportunities to reduce consumption through renewables, energy efficiency strategies and management.

Carbon footprinting facilities and benchmarking-providing a platform for decarbonising and residual offsetting.

Certification schemes: both self-certification and externally validated systems to add value to your business while avoiding greenwashing.

Brands and the benefit of reducing Scope 3 GHG Emissions plus supply chain transparency.

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