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Digital Signage Lounge

ESE 24

Digital Signage Lounge

Digital Signage Lounge

Due to high demand from our community, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Digital Signage Showcase for Amsterdam 2024. This will be represented by a dedicated lounge on the show floor showcasing Digital Signage with our Digital Signage Partners. This area will highlight how Digital Signage can be aligned with and compliment the printing community.



Visit Hall 5 Stand F56 

Navori Labs' Lift and Learn digital signage technology is transforming the retail industry by enhancing the in-store experience for customers. This innovative approach leverages QL, our digital signage software to integrate interactive features that allow shoppers to engage physically with products, receiving real-time detailed information and personalized content on nearby digital displays. It enables instant access to product education and comparisons, aiding customers in making informed decisions.

When a customer interacts with a product, an adjacent digital signage screen displays relevant advertisements or informative videos, temporarily overriding scheduled content.

Lift and Learn technology is not limited to retail; it benefits museums, automobile showrooms, and other sectors seeking to engage and educate their audience interactively. With Navori Labs' Lift and Learn digital signage, retailers can provide an immersive shopping experience, combining the efficiency of online browsing with the engagement of in-store shopping.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

The dedicated feature in the relevant hall at the show in Amsterdam will showcase all aspects of Digital Signage including software, hardware and installation. There will be a demo area where we will hold educational and inspiring discussions delivered by leading experts in the industry, networking area for you to discuss your products further with interested parties, all showcasing to our printing community the alignment between print and Digital Signage and the benefits of integrating the two.

Alongside this exciting theatre, we will also have a selection of stand space available for our Digital Signage clients who wish to be part of this exiting time at the European Sign Expo. You will have access to our  community of printers, with the opportunity to meet leading brands, decision makers and buyers. By having a platform at the European Sign Expo, you will have a direct Route-to-Market into an ‘untapped’ community of printers and signage professionals

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