14-17 MAY 2019


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Press Releases

Press Releases

  • Laser cutting sublimation printed fabric ‘Contour Cut Vision’ is the latest innovation for fast and precise laser cutting of dye sublimated textiles. Its on-board vision system quickly scans the mater ...
  • Find out about the services Domino Sign will be offering and what we can expect from them at the show.
  • Find out about the services SloadLED will offer and what we can expect from them at the show.
  • P3.91mm Indoor Full Color LED Display 500mmx500mm, 500mmx1000mm

    15 Mar 2018 Shelina - JINGCAN LED FACTORY

    Shenzhen Jingcan Opto-Tec Co.,Ltd is a high-tech factory which is professionally engaged in LED display and LED stage background lights scientific researching and designing, fabricating and marketing.

  • New Cartridge Roll up Roll X change

    19 Mar 2018 Avi Duanis
  • Fepatex Nederland Eyelets & Eyelet Machines

    05 Apr 2018 Leon van Giesen

    Fepatex Nederland is the company with the most complete collection of eyelets and a wide range of Eyelet Machines. 

    We can provide for every purpose the right tools for setting eyelets. We have hand tools, handpresses, semi-automatic and full automatic machines. 



  • Good Bye Roll Up

    05 Apr 2018

    PIXLIP GO is the first mobile plastic lighting frame in the world. 

  • CNC controlled edge polishing machine with tilting polishing unit for transparent plastic

  • New milling / polishing system with quick changeable diamond cutters for edge polishing machines

  • The first chamfering/polishing machine with tilting function for transparent plastic.

  • EURACRYL DIOMOND LINE range of diamond tools for transparent plastic.

  • Diamond tools for edge polishing machines

    06 Apr 2018 EURACRYL GmbH

    Diamond tools for processing transparent plastics in edge polishing machines.


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