European Sign Expo 2021


20 Jan 2020


3D SYSTEM Hall: 5 Stand: 5-B41
!The cheapest and fastest system of building spatial letters!

„3D-Profiles” are manufactured from aluminium band of 0,5mm thickness, painted in RAL
colours of 40% matt and 60% gloss structure. All profiles are protected with a thin film, which
protects lacquered surface from scratching during production process.
Standard widths of profiles: 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 167, 217 mm. „3D-Profile” is used in
production of channel letters with, or without illumination. Allows for construction of letters from
25cm up to 200cm height. “3D-Profile” is a main bearing element of a built letter. Profile has a
pasted acrylic stripe, which allows for bonding profile with letter face.
Waterproof sponge is used in “3D-Profiles”, and it protects letters from dust and insects
getting inside, and light coming out of letters. “3D-Profile” together with PMMA creates a solid
block, which is assembled with letter back with a use of screws. Construction from PMMA, profile
and PVC creates a finished product in form of advertising channel letter.
„3D-Profiles” are characterized with a high quality materials used in production. Durable
elements of profile guarantee long-term operation of spatial signs made with a use of it. Estimated
liveness of forms constructed with a use of “3D-profiles” is about 10 years. Warranty given by 3D
System® company for “3D-Profiles” is for period of 5 years.

3D System® company, trying to meet sign makers' expectations, releases for client use special
software- „Bending Points Indicator”, which generates bending point of “3D-Profiles”. Software
simplifies and replaces classic measures with a use of measuring tape. BPI is another step in
developing system of building signs. Makes the construction of channel letters much faster, and
more friendly for user.
„Bending Points Indicator” software is a new path of developing system chosen by 3D
System® company, which is aimed at simplifying building of signs with a use of “3D-Profiles”. New
version of BPI 1.2 software allows for applying bending points on ordered “3D-Profiles”, by
automatic communication with the printing station.
3D System® company designed and created Automatic Letter Bender for channel letters
(including our own control software) as an alternative for machines imported from China

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