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  • The ultimate design software guide for signage

    07 Aug 2017 by: Simon Eccles
    Buy, implement, build. Software is part of your everyday business life now. It is the primary tool of all businesses.
  • Top 9 Graphic Design Software for signmaking

    08 Aug 2017 by: Simon Eccles
    Nearly all of today’s signage is designed on desktop computer software, much of it offering vector graphics with a range of tools and effects.
  • Business opportunities: Digital Signage

    07 Aug 2017 by: Fespa Staff
    With the digital signage market continuing to expand at a significant rate, Rob Fletcher investigates the potential for sign companies to diversify into the sector and what steps they need to take to ensure success.
  • Innovative technologies will become increasingly important as the world printed signage market evolves across the next five years, according to Smithers Pira.
  • With this year’s edition of European Sign Expo now in full swing, Rob Fletcher takes a look at its conference sessions to see how the signage industry is taking shape.

    While these presentations will look at various areas of the market, one of the key sectors that organisers are keen to focus on this year is retail, with a number of sessions dedicated to this sector.

    Point-of-sale and point-of-purchase work plays a major role in the overall retail market and visitors to the shows will be able to learn more about applications in this area.

  • Augmented reality campaigns are taking off internationally with progressive brands using the technology to turn every available surface into a virtual billboard. 

    As cellphone manufacturers plough money into AR capability, local brands should be looking to do the same.

    Tech and media companies have invested more than $7 billion into virtual and augmented realities since 2010 in both acquisitions and stakes in VR- or AR-related startups. Apple and Samsung have been strong contenders with eight acquisitions from Apple and nine investments from Samsung.

  • POS & Digital Signage: The Future of Retail

    17 Apr 2017 by: Rob Fletcher

    From window and floor graphics, to luxury packaging and labels, retail work is far-reaching, as brands and shops seek to generate interest in their latest products.

    One of the most inventive areas of retail is the point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-purchase (POS) market; applications and products in this area help attract the eye of the customer and help to showcase special offers.

    At European Sign Expo, visitors will have the chance to view some of the latest offerings available in the POS and POP sector, with exhibitors to display solutions that help a brand’s product really ‘pop’.

  • Snap, crackle, pop: recycled packaging

    10 Apr 2017 by: Laurel Brunner

    Most people are confused as to whether a particular piece of flexible plastic packaging can be recycled or not, which makes recycling almost an inconvenience. 

    A UK project called Reflex is looking at solutions to the problem, writes Laurel Brunner.

    It is one of the most useful and yet annoying forms of packaging we have. It’s useful because it works with all sorts of content types, from clothing to soup. 

  • With outdoor large-format printing growing at rapid speeds, FESPA 2017 in Hamburg will showcase the solutions signage printers need to get into large-format applications.

    Despite still regarded as a relatively new technology, digital print has had a major impact on many areas of the industry. The majority of print businesses around the world now have some sort of digital print kit in place, using such machinery to take on work in various sectors of the market.

    One of the areas where digital print has proved most popular since its introduction is in the outdoor sector, and, if current trends are anything to go by, digital print looks set to increase its market share here.

  • Ranging from printed posters and billboards, through to way-finding signs and even digital signage, the sign-making market is incredibly varied. 

    While this may be good news in terms of the amount of work on offer, it can make things a little tricky for companies seeking solutions for different types of applications.

    Visitors to FESPA 2017, as well as the co-located European Sign Expo (ESE), will be able to find products, materials and solutions for all areas of the sign-making market.

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