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News and PR for European Sign Expo 2018

  • The World Wrap Masters Europe and Series Final will once again take place at FESPA Global Print Expo 2018, which takes place from 15 to 18 May 2018 at Messe Berlin in Germany.

  • European Sign Expo 2018 which takes place from 15 to 18 May 2018 alongside FESPA Global Print Expo 2018 at Messe Berlin, is sold out, following record exhibitor demand to participate.
  • 45° chamfering/polishing machine

    06 Apr 2018 EURACRYL GmbH

    The EURACRYL V2 is a very fast and practical machine for producing facets of 45 ° on transparent plastics. A very good supplement to a edge polishing machine.

  • Laser cutting and engraving machine

    06 Apr 2018 EURACRYL GmbH

    New to the EURACRYL range are the BLC laser cutting and engraving machines.

  • Horizontal mini edge polishing machine

    06 Apr 2018 EURACRYL GmbH

    The EURACRYL M1 is the smallest edge polishing machine for transparent plastics on the market.

  • The EURACRYL M3 is the only machine in this price range worldwide with a tilting milling unit and milling function for protruding edges.

  • Carbide tools for transparent plastic

    06 Apr 2018 EURACRYL GmbH

    With the tools of the EURACRYL CARBIDE LINE series, many plastics, especially transparent and glossy, can be processed.

  • Diamond tools for edge polishing machines

    06 Apr 2018 EURACRYL GmbH

    Diamond tools for processing transparent plastics in edge polishing machines.

  • EURACRYL DIOMOND LINE range of diamond tools for transparent plastic.

  • The first chamfering/polishing machine with tilting function for transparent plastic.

  • New milling / polishing system with quick changeable diamond cutters for edge polishing machines

  • CNC controlled edge polishing machine with tilting polishing unit for transparent plastic

  • Good Bye Roll Up

    05 Apr 2018

    PIXLIP GO is the first mobile plastic lighting frame in the world. 

  • Fepatex Nederland Eyelets & Eyelet Machines

    05 Apr 2018 Leon van Giesen

    Fepatex Nederland is the company with the most complete collection of eyelets and a wide range of Eyelet Machines. 

    We can provide for every purpose the right tools for setting eyelets. We have hand tools, handpresses, semi-automatic and full automatic machines. 



  • DH does more than your ordinary manufacturer in this industry; at DH our focus is the customer, building lasting relationships and providing customer satisfaction. Founded in 1999, DH has developed over 200 products that have become standard in the industry and based on those products, customers have become inspired working with DH to produce thousands of custom projects to meet their needs.

    In 2014 DH began offering in-house printing for customers, and in 2015 DH launched a unique manufacturing experience featuring:

     -Automated Assembly
    -Assembly Line Production
    -Customized, Tailored Service
    -Superior Inspection of Finished Product
    -Initial Mechanized Quality Inspection of Materials
    -All with the SAME GREAT Price!

    At DH we pride ourselves in innovation, as new concepts and products are being born every day, and not simply copied from existing products on the market. We create and produce exclusive, patented product not found anywhere else. In addition, we are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)for a customer oriented manufactory, helping them to set up and design their own products and build up their own businesses within the industry.

  • New Cartridge Roll up Roll X change

    19 Mar 2018 Avi Duanis
  • Aluvision, leading producer, developer and worldwide distributor of the renowned, original Aluvision frame system for the exhibit industry, presents the latest addition to their wide range at FESPA 2018: the LED tile 55 P2. The seamless combination of the well-known Aluvision Omni-55 frames with these next generation LED tiles offers the best of both worlds: brilliant visual experience and easy, toolless installation.

  • P3.91mm Indoor Full Color LED Display 500mmx500mm, 500mmx1000mm

    15 Mar 2018 Shelina - JINGCAN LED FACTORY

    Shenzhen Jingcan Opto-Tec Co.,Ltd is a high-tech factory which is professionally engaged in LED display and LED stage background lights scientific researching and designing, fabricating and marketing.

  • Find out about the services SloadLED will offer and what we can expect from them at the show.


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