14-17 MAY 2019


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DIGITAL CORRUGATED EXPERIENCEThe FESPA Digital Corrugated Experience is an experiential area showcasing the potential of digital print for corrugated packaging and display applications, aiming to educate converters and box-makers about integrating digital technology into their production mix.

Corrugated board is a key application. Smithers Pira data show that at $270 billion in 2016, it is worth 31% of the total packaging market and represents the next material to experience the digital revolution. A value of $1.44 billion in 2016 for digitally printed corrugated testifies to the amount of R&D and initial installations that will provide the foundation for an acceleration to over $2.35 billion by 2020.

Digital is becoming a complementary process to traditional analogue methods, enabling box plants and display makers to undertake different types of work that previously had been hard to manage or to justify on cost and lead times, such as prototyping, short run, versioning or customisation of boxes and displays.

In today’s competitive, consumer-led market - with increasing demands - packaging can make all the difference in selling a product. Digital printing technology is transforming the corrugated board market for POS and packaging by adding value and customisation to any product. 

Forming part of the visitor experience at the co-located FESPA Global Print Expo, discover how advances in digital corrugated solutions could bolster your display production and offer a potential expansion opportunity.


Why digital?

Brand owners increasingly demand:

  • Short run production
  • Customisation
  • Track and traceability
  • Prototyping
  • Versioning


Converters and box-plants are adopting digital printing as a complementary technology to their existing analogue workflow - to service brand owners both large and small who seek opportunities to achieve eye-catching in-store and in-home delivery options via e-commerce.

Why corrugated?

Digital print technology is growing in adoption in both labels and folding carton sectors of the packaging landscape. Digital print on corrugated represents a strong opportunity for small to medium converters and box-makers as well as large format print service providers


  • FESPA, having led the conversion from analogue to digital print in the sign and graphics market, is well-placed to offer insight on digital printing
  • FESPA has designed an exhibition feature learning experience - Print Corrugated, which focuses on education via conference sessions and applications showcases supported by videos of production lines
  • Interest for POP display makers (current FESPA audience) - learning about finishing elements of packaging production
  • Interest for box-makers - learning about digital print for packaging

Why now?

There is an immediate need for converters and box plants to understand and adopt digital technology, as well as for large format print service providers to understand the box-making technology workflow.

There is no significant event in 2019 other than FESPA Digital Corrugated Experience that offers you the chance to reach and engage with these groups.


  • Box-makers - Learn how to bring digital into your business,  understand what digital printing can help you achieve 
  • POS Display makers - Discover what potential revenues you could benefit from by adding digital printing to your business offering


Visit our experiential area and learn what it takes to bring digital into an analogue environment. Take a look at the entire corrugated process,  from workflow to finishing, from substrates to inks. Compare final products and discover the technology behind it. What's more, gain insights in sessions led by industry experts.

More information on content and conferences COMING SOON!

“A great new initiative from FESPA to show corrugated converters how and why to produce digitally printed corrugated packaging. Any converter looking to get into the digital print space really should mark this date in their diary for 2018!”

Dan Brunton, Publisher, International Paper Board Industry, Digital Print For Corrugated

Dan Brunton
Francois Martin

“Digital printing transformed the label market fully in 10 years. Corrugated is the next wave and it will happen much faster. FESPA offers a perfect place to learn all what’s going on in one place. A good time investment in an easy and affordable destination.”

Francois Martin, Senior Printing Industry Consultant


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